Friday, June 4, 2010

Fishing - Lifestyle

     Fishing is one of those sports, like golf perhaps, where some people find an activity that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. For those lucky enough to enjoy fishing something akin to fanaticism sets in. In times of leisure it becomes increasingly normal to daydream about a real fishing expedition, or, what is equally fun, one that has yet to taken place and is part of your imagination.

     Another thing that happens is that you begin to collect fishing items that will include much more than hook, line and sinker.

     Some of these items will be the typical reel, the vest, the boots and all sorts of tackle. Little by little you will also find your house is filled with decorations of a fishing nature. As if fishing wasn't enough, you start to clutter up your house and even office with things to remind you of that which you enjoy so much.

     One of the things which non-fishermen do not realize is that fishing has a wide variety of alternatives. In freshwater fishing you have streams, rivers and lakes. You have different types of fish - trout, salmon, pike, catfish and more. Fishing in salt water has even greater variety. You can fish from a beach, from a pier or from a boat. As for fish you have so many different types that you really do have to limit the species you're looking for.

     There's something about fishing that brings out that tiny Hemingway we all have inside us. It is the contact with nature, that battling of wits with your intended prey that make you concentrate with your mind, your body, your emotions and even your soul. This means that each moment becomes so intense that you lose sight of everything but the specific moment your are experiencing. Then there are moments when your contact with nature is such that you feel a certain balance, a type of equanimity or tranquility if you will, that makes you feel in perfect harmony with your self. Most other times pale to insignificance.

     All dyed in the wool anglers are romantics at heart - even though most probably refuse to acknowledge that. When you are out in the country by a river, carrying your fishing accessories and the odd good luck charm, as you walk next to a stream with hanging trees and the rippling sound of the river, you are far away from the rush and noise of city life. You're probably content with yourself and your mind is set as you watch and feel everything about you. You look over the stream and unconsciously - as the way of the fisherman is now in your soul - you pick out the pools beneath the surface where the current has sent the perfect spot for the trout that is waiting for you.

     It is virtually impossible to go fishing and not feel and enjoy nature. You're aware of the sounds around and about, the breeze, birds, crickets and grasshoppers. This contact with nature, this contact with fishing, brings out the romantic side of our own natures that even he who denies it will have it.

     There is a moment when fishing, and mind you it doesn't mean it happens every time, when perfection is there. It may be a split-second, it may a long afternoon, but it happens and usually when it does you are not even aware of it. What you do know is that you have passed and enjoyed a special time and this stays with you, not a normal memory but a light emotional image.

     When this happens you say to yourself, this is the life.

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