Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Rubber Bands - A Fishing Tip

     One of the more enjoyable aspects of anglers is their need to collect things. This will include obvious items that spell out "fishing gear" and will include hooks, sinkers, flies, spinners, lures, fishing boxes and even smell eliminating stuff.

     And one of the most versatile items invented by man, and I am sure the inventor must have been a fisherman, are rubber bands. Apart from the fact that they come in different colors, in different sizes and in different strengths, they must have been invented for the fisherman - at least they should have been.

     Think of some of their uses:

          - when packing your gear into the car a pair of rubber bands hold together your rod. Ther is nothing more annoying than breaking off the point of your rod as you juggle with the packing.

          - your fishing tackle boxes will get old, and a rubber band will be a great help by holding down the lids.

          - keeping your nylon in place both in the reel and your spare.

     I could go on forever but the fact is that there are so many specific uses that the best thing you can do is to make sure you always carry a few in your gear.

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