Saturday, December 5, 2009

Your Fishing Reel - Taking Care Of Business

Anyone who sees him or herself as an angler will end up with loads of fishing gear. Lures, flies, weights, swivels of all sorts and descriptions will make their miraculous way into the "fishing gear" and woe betide if anyone dares to even look at the stuff.

Stuff? What stuff? "My equipment, thank you very much".

Then every once in a long while you actually sit down and check over what you have managed to collect. Old gear, new gear and even old but never used gear. Then you will find the broken pieces like the old reels or bits that have been left over from another age. You may even trick your kids into believing they reel from before the war - the civil war, of course.

Then there are a few who after many years of dedicated fishing turn into real anglers - those who have forgotten more than what nearly everybody else will ever learn.

You will hear about them, they will be spoken of, and perhaps you will know of them because of their results. They won't brag but they may talk about better fishing times. And if you see them fishing you may perhaps recognize them but there will still be something mysterious about their know-how.

Then you will notice their gear, or lack of gear compared to others. They will have precisely what they need, it will rarely be new but it will definitely be well kept.

And that is one of their secrets - they take care of their equipment.

Take a look at their reel and how they care for it:

* they wipe it down after each use to avoid sand and dirt sticking to it.
* their line, especially if it is monofilament nylon, will never be old and the reel will always be full.
* the line will always be changed from season to season.
* they will oil and grease the reel regularly, as you can tell by the sweet way it runs silently.

The other thing you will notice when you see one of these anglers is the calmness that surrounds them. They are patient folk and that patience is always present, especially when the are fishing or when they are taking care of their equipment.

A good workman takes care of his tool just as a great angler always takes care of his gear.
Much of what I write, and especially about fishing, comes from things I have picked up along the way and wanted to share with my kids.  Another of my fishing online presence is located at: where I also deal with fishing boxes in general (as well as other fishing accessories).

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