Saturday, November 7, 2009

In Touch With Nature - Fishing Tale No. 4

In this modern world it is difficult to find a time to interact with nature - but fishing is one of those activities that provide the best excuse to do so.

Our more developed nations, mainly from the western democracies, have an increasing urban population. The poorer countries of the world are more rural in nature, although this is slowly changing. This means that contact with nature is slowly being lost. It is difficult to believe but I have met children, 8 or 9, who have never seen a live cow or sheep. Milking a cow is unheard of; in fact milk is something you get out of a bottle or a container, and find in a supermarket (even the age old milkman is something nearly out of the past).

Most people would agree that city life can cause a lot of stress, while country life is more relaxed - by the way, I am not implying in any manner or form that one or the other is easier or more difficult, just presenting a simple difference. And most people would also agree that when you are in contact with nature, the stress levels go down. Again, as a matter of clarification I am not referring to a storm at sea, or being lost in the wilds of Africa, but to our more simple contacts with a more gentle nature. Here is where fishing, or what some would call, the art of fishing, comes into its own.

It is a sublime sport. One that provides precious moments for relaxation and quality interaction with nature.

No sport should be a one time affair - you don't play golf one day and repeat the experience five years later while stating you are a golfer - or even that you love the game. The same thing happens with squash, tennis, water skiing or any other sport you care to mention.

To be a fisherman means you love nature as it demands you interact with it. Yes, I suppose someone could throw a tangled line with a lure at the end and it just so happens that a trout strikes -but this is like the proverbial monkey hitting the typewriter keys and replicating the complete works of Shakespeare. It could happen but it would be a safe bet against it.

Therefore anyone who considers him or her self an angler, has to practice the sport. Anyone who states he or she loves fishing must fish regularly. And this keeps you in touch with nature. It allows you to store up experiences and memories that would otherwise belong to something out of a nature documentary.

Appreciation of nature's beauty, of the ever present interaction between flora and fauna - of realizing we are all a part of nature.

All fishermen (and just a gentle reminder - to be a fisherman one must love fishing) want to preserve nature and this preservation is not an armchair decision, but a practical one.

All fishermen collect and choose their fishing gear with care including their fishing boxes (as well as other fishing accessories).

Philip Robinson is happily married fisherman and a father of five. He has various on line projects and you can visit his latest website on fishing tackle boxes. As someone with a large family he focuses on fun, creativity, making ends meet and all in a loving environment.

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