Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Amazing Stuff and Fishing

For anyone who hasn't been bitten by the "fishing" bug - as a sport - the amount of "stuff" a fisherman collects over time is quite amazing and sometimes even baffling. Anyone who has been fishing, even if they miss a season or two, has managed to have many different hook sizes, or plastic worms or lures or flies, swivels, weights, even lines.

And what is even more peculiar to the uninitiated is that they even have repeats. Six of this and half a dozen of the other.

Yet if you have the bug, this is absolutely logical. Not only for a particular fishing trip but also a future expedition. Or what happens if you run out and are unable to find the exact same one. Different days with different lighting conditions require different lures.

And it is vitally important you keep them in your fishing tackle boxes.

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